Ergoflex Memory Foam Matress - Review
by W. Donelson

Gardening during the summer months becomes more exciting as you begin to see the fruits of your labour blossoming into a beautiful landscape. Spring and summer bring life and colour into to a garden that has been vacant and dull throughout the winter. Strenuous work and days of digging and planting begin to pay off as your garden starts to transform into an uplifting summer setting sporting bright and vibrant hues from blooming flowers and blossoming shrubs, however with the reward often comes the aching joints and muscles that characterise the hard work.

I know that since I have been out in the garden more due to the sunny weather, I have started to remember the pains of manual labour that haunted me last summer. My muscles became tense from lifting and carrying, my back ached from bending down and my knees were sore from the constant kneeling to ensure those shrubs were placed in the correct position. Pulled and strained muscles need some help to recover and during this time of year as I can be out in the garden planting and pruning almost every day. I had heard about memory foam mattresses and the orthopaedic qualities that they provide, helping you to recover while you sleep. I wanted a high quality mattress that came at a good price; some of the mattresses on the market were well out of my price range. Ergoflex was a company that offered the benefits I was seeking from a mattress, at a great value and delivered straight to your door.

I purchased the UK Standard King-Size as I was advised to get the largest mattress that my bedroom space and budget could accommodate. My last bed was a King-Size and I was worried that replacing that size mattress with a memory foam mattress would be expensive; however I got a great deal from Ergoflex. I wanted there to be plenty of space during the night as I like to have lots of room while I am asleep. I purchased the mattress at great price and received next day delivery which was ideal.

Cruise Liner



The Ergoflex memory foam mattress offers particular benefits that would help me to recover from the pain I experienced due to gardening. I wanted to be able to wake up in the morning feeling rested and healed, ready to get back out in the garden and finish creating a beautiful landscape. Ergoflex mattresses help your body to repair while you sleep, with its orthopaedic qualities.

Back Pain

Your back is a complex structure of joints, muscles and ligaments that needs the correct support while you sleep. Strenuous activities can put added pressure on your back and be painful the following day. I also found that if my back began to get sore from gardening it was uncomfortable when I tired to sleep making getting a good quality nights rest very difficult, stopping my muscles from having chance to restore through the night. With an Ergoflex mattress your body sinks into the visco-elastic memory foam layer as the mattress reacts under your body temperature and moulds around the curves of your skeletal structure giving you extra support on your spine and hips.


Orthopaedic Benefits

Gardening causes many different stresses and strains on your body, your hands can become sore, your back, knees and neck all are places can be affected after a full day of gardening making you often feel tired and really drained. Ergoflex memory foam mattress has orthopaedic benefits that aid the body’s process of restoring itself while you sleep. It improves the comfort in your back and takes the pain from your feet and your knees as the pressure that they have been under all day long is relieved. Memory foam pillows can also help to provide additional support for your neck while you are asleep, offering therapeutic qualities along with the mattress to help your body rest and restore. It is the ideal mattress for sufferers of back pain and people who experience discomfort in their hips and the joints, it helps to support your body while you sleep providing the perfect amount of upwards support and very little downwards pressure, allowing its orthopaedic qualities to help your body recuperate and prepare for the day ahead. When you slide onto the mattress you can feel it curving around you making you feel more relaxed, therefore I found it much easier to fall asleep which meant that I gained the recommended eight hours a night and gave my body chance to rest and relax. The Ergoflex memory foam mattress promised to offer orthopaedic benefits that will help to relieve suffering for people like me who struggle with pain in their joints and back.



Comfort and Support

The Ergoflex memory foam mattress’ medium/firm density ensures that they are not too hard and not too soft which can often contribute to your back pain. A mattress that is too soft often doesn’t provide the correct support and a mattress that is too hard can make sleeping uncomfortable and increase upwards pressure on your skeletal structure. The Ergoflex memory foam mattress was ideal for me, I could feel the difference from a regular sprung mattress that I have been used to for many years, gaining a comfortable sleeping position was much easier so it was quicker for me to get to sleep and I felt more relaxed as I lay on the surface.

A memory foam mattress helps with the alignment of your spine so that it follows the natural curve while you sleep putting the least amount of stress and pressure on your skeletal structure during the night. The surface of the mattress shapes itself around you so that there is adequate support over the entire body.



First Sleep

When I woke up in the morning I did feel like I had a much more beneficial nights rest. I felt refreshed and rested and the main difference was that the constant aches from gardening had slightly subsided, I felt a lot more energised than I do most mornings when wake I up and felt that I could do a lot more with my day. I was ready to get back out in the garden and begin a day’s work all over again in a much more comfortable state than I was used to and in a happier frame of mind. After another full day of working outside and continuing with the repetitive movement of standing up and sitting down that had affected my back, I felt much less strain in my muscles and every movement had become easier.



The Verdict

I am a person who lives for the outside, I love gardening and getting out and about. Sleeping for me was just something that I had to do to keep me going and I never really saw the benefits apart from needing to restore energy that I had lost to my daily activities. However after investing in an Ergoflex memory foam mattress, I can feel the real benefits of sleep. It is essential for your energy, mood and wellbeing and my life in general has improved since I bought my Ergoflex memory foam mattress. I can be more active during the day doing the things I love, and have now (after a couple of weeks of sleeping on the mattress) have managed to significantly reduce the pain in my back, joints and muscles that prevented me from doing so much. I would highly recommend an Ergoflex memory foam mattress to any Gardens Guide readers and especially those who suffer with aches and pains from gardening. I think it will continue to benefit me even when the winter comes back around and I am in the garden less, I feel that it will be a relaxing, cosy and comfortable haven.

Update: 3 Years Later

I continue to enjoy the Ergoflex mattress. If anything, it has gotten more comfortable over time. I have not had any problems with overheating, and the Ergoflex is in good condition - no real signs of wear at all, not even "sagging" where I sleep most often. I use a light mattress cover and cotton sheets with the Ergoflex - this has worked extremely well for me. I am really glad I chose the Ergoflex.