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Please check with garden owners or their website to confirm current dates open We are open from Good Friday until the end of October between 2pm and 5pm every: Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday, Bank Holiday

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By arrangement

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May, June, July

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Adults £5.00, children under 14 FREE. No dogs please.

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Parking: Yes
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Garden Features & Events

Unrivalled panoramic viws of Wells Cathedral and Vale of Avalon Separate 7 acre arboretum

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Tynings House, Wells The Old Farmhouse, Wells Riverside Grange, Wells

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Bull Terrier, Croscombe

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Description of Garden

The entrance from the drive leads past a huge cedar, planted soon after the central part of the house was built at the end of the eighteenth century. Below the terrace, a variety of trees are underplanted with naturalised bulbs and wild flowers whcih provide a colourful display from March to May; some of the trees and shrubs include: Malus, (Golden Hornet), sorbus (Chinese- lace) diospyros lotus (date plum) and many more. At the end of the house, the stone path merges into a grass walk along the uppermost of Charles Tudway's four terraces.

The gardens are a natural and peaceful oasis, they provide a pleasant contrast to the surrounding area.

History Of Garden

The garden of Milton Lodge was conceived about 1900 by Mr Charles Tudway, the present owner's grandfather. During the first ten years of this century, with the assistance of a garden design firm, Charles Tudway transformed the sloping ground to the west of the of the house into the existing series of architectural terraces, specifically to capitalise on the glorious views of the Cathedral and the Vale of Avalon.

David Tudway Quilter inherited Milton Lodge and the garden - together with the surrounding agricultural estate - from his uncle, Captain Lionel Tudway RN, who died in 1962. The house had been left for some time before this to an impoverished Preparatory School for boys.

During the next few years the garden was gradually restored to its former glory.

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