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Middle Woodford, Salisbury,
Wiltshire, SP4 6NT



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Opening Days and Hours
Dates/days/times open:

Please check with garden owners or their website to confirm current dates open
1st Feb - 31st Oct; Wed - Sun & Bank Holiday Mondays; 10am - 5pm;

Parties/Coaches: Yes
Group Appointment: Yes
House Open for Viewing: No
National Garden Scheme days: No
Best Times of Year to Visit:

January-February Spring Summer & Autumn

To see:

Snowdrops Spring blossom Roses and herbaceous plants, Autumn foliage

Admission Prices

Adult £4.50; Child £2.50; Over 60s & Groups £4.

Onsite Facilities
Parking: Yes
Shop: Yes
Teas: Yes
Dogs Allowed: No
Lavatories: No
Plants for Sale: Yes
Refreshment: Yes
On Lead only: No
Disabled Access: Yes
Lunches: No
Picnics: No
Special Events: Yes
Other Facilities & Comments:

The Plant Centre has been taken over by Kevin Hughes who specialise in unusual plants. The tea rooms will be serving light, home-made lunches and teas.

Garden Features & Events
English Heritage/Visit Scotland Garden Grade:
National Collection:
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Compasses Inn

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Compasses Inn, Lower Chicksgrove

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Description of Garden

Visiting this eight-acre garden is like discovering little pockets of surprise and interest among the muddle and overcrowded arrangements of flowers and shrubs that fill and overspill the beds. In the lower part of the garden there is a tunnel theme with a variety of climbing plants grown up larch or ash poles and trained across the paths. Vitis coignetiae fight it out with wine berry, jasminum aureum and the rose 'Felicite et Perpetue', while on one side of the lower tunnel, Vitis purpura competes with that unsurpassable old rose, 'Easlea's Golden rambler'.

The north-east corner of the garden, which is based on plans drawn up for Hon. Louis Greville by Harold Peto in 1910, was planted in the style of that time with very formal herbaceous plants and a tunnel of figs.

The garden has a fish pond and boat terrace which faces a little waterfall from one water carrier to the other. The gardens are peaceful and give interesting focal points as well as colour to the visitors.

History Of Garden

The original building is the western end of the house and was completed by Sir William Greene for his daughter and son-in-law in 1553 as a wedding present. Charles II hid there for six nights while waiting for a ship to arrive at Shoreham. After a fire in 1835, the Hon. Louis Greville, great-uncle of the present owner rebuilt all except the surviving SW wing.

In 1996 Guy Rasch married Frances Hulse and this private family garden entered another phase. This unique and wonderful legacy was created by Lady Anne Rasch during the last 35 years until she died in 1995. Frances, having the benefit of some notable gardeners in her own family, has determined to bring a new perspective to the garden introducing modern design, colour and style.

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