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It is vitally important that the many visitors to your garden's page see the correct information, particularly for opening hours and dates. Those gardens which do not update these times will surely inconvenience and upset those who plan to visit. We are entirely dependent on your provision of correct info for the many daily visitors to We DO care about correct listings!

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Over the last ten years, has been proud to offer fully free listings to you, including edited photos, based on our ability to defray our operating costs with discrete Google advertising. Unfortunately, and in spite of increasing visitor numbers, Google Ads now only provide 10% of the revenue they did only 3 years ago.

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To help defray our costs, we ask £30.00 donation for each new garden we add. This is a one-time-only fee. If you are happy with your listing in subsequent years, you may donate any amount to us from the button you will see on our garden page for you. We will contact you via email each year in December or January to ask you update your information for the coming season.

Please consider that even if you have only a few more visitors as a result of your listing in, this will cover your small time and cost in helping us to keep your garden up-to-date and highly visible online. Thanks for your help.

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